All About My Mom Ep 45 English Sub

Watch All About My Mom Ep 45 English Sub

Jin Ae’s mother is going through a lot right now, and she’s keeping her burden to herself. She’s not even ready to accept what’s going on with her.

She’s in pain … afraid … sad … thinking and worried more about her family than herself.

She has dropped some hints to her husband …. in a way to prepare him that he may be alone. Even though her husband caught the bouquet and joked about it ….. how could she truly find it funny, when she is devastated about having a short time left?

I can understand why she’s being irritable. She has a lot on her mind.
Yes I agree on that. How can she possibly be understanding when she has too much pain in her heart that the actions of her children are like salt pouring on her wounds. The children will have so much regrets after their moms condition be revealed. I don’t personally like the action of the eldest son which character portrays an ungrateful child. Knowing that he should be the pillar of the family next to his parents he got no reflection on that. He should be the most regretful of all when the time comes.

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