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I feel so sorry with Mom San OK…OMG, i cried till now in All About My Mom Episode 43 Eng Sub, i feel sorry for the best mom of Jin Ae, hope they will twist the story and won’t let her die here. I am seeing a very sad moments for the family, especially with Jin Ae, OMG, I feel there will be a sad story here later on,,huhuhuhu. please dont let her die. huhuhu, i am crying now

I think Hyeong Gyu decided to get his own place because his mother said that she didn’t fully accept Hye Joo. But his mother is not the type to mistreat anyone. She always runs her mouth…but she doesn’t mean what she says.

Like Jin Ae, Hye Joo said that she would rather stay with the in-laws. I think it would be nice if they stayed at his family home in All About My Mom Episode 43 Eng Sub.

When Jin Ae’s mother reflected on her children and how Hyeong Gyu talked to her, it reminded me of this quote:
“Your son is your son till he gets a wife. But your daughter is your daughter for the rest of your life.”

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