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Update Another Miss Oh Episode 11 Raw and Another Miss Oh Episode 11 12 Eng Sub
I just realize another thing…. In the drama poster, Eric wear PINK jacket while in “Beautiful Gong Shim” (which is also a great drama on the weekend slot), Nam Goong Min also wears the PINK one. So, I have a “vision” that PINK is the lucky color for this year. See…. I am crazy.
Why in every Korean drama when a person is bleeding and obviously is about to die, another person shakes him vigorously and screams? Is it some kind of special Korean medical procedure?
Lol, yes it never fails with the shaking. Also they always get cut while cooking or picking up broken glass then run to get ointment and band aids!!! How about always getting a fever after a breakup, that one kills me! Another Miss Oh Episode 11 12 Eng Sub
If you have not seen “Dramaworld” I recommend you see it. It is a short drama that makes fun of all those situations that are so prevalent in Kdrama world. I could not stop laughing the whole time I was watching. The writers were right on point very witty and very well executed by the actors! You can watch it right here on dramacool and it is only 10 episodes, the episodes are already subbed in English!

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