Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Eng Sub

Full Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Eng Sub and Update Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Raw (9-6-2016)
I’m running out of tears by now. But my heart still rage in anger. thanks to comments here at least i know i’m not alone.
Yes Ace ur r absolutely right. It is only 3 little words. why is it so difficult.
Can the joke be any meaner than this.. i can’t listen to the radio conversation anymore. how come they only repeat the end part. how about the pain they caused her ????? how can people be this mean.
And on top of all this, they decide to let chairman Jang to get involve. everything is linked up. they uncover the truth layer by layer. i can’t pinpoint who’s fault anymore.everybody is involved in their unhealthy relationship.even appa, why do u have to choose that name ( *i’m crazy now )
The radio talk show hosts are showing her ‘Tough Love” but I don’t know if they’re real psychologists or relation therapists. She’s so desperate to reach out to anyone who will listen. If only she had a sister or best friend she can confide in.There’s a lot to discuss about OHY’s demeanor but I don’t want to be judgmental because I’m not walking in her shoes although we can see that she’s hurting a lot. This episode affected me emotionally watching DK and OHY cry in their private moments. Almost everyone in this story needs psychological counseling especially DK’s sister.
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