Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Eng Sub

Watch Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Eng Sub
I love this drama for its original ideas. The kidnapping plot was ingenious and so was Casanova’s intervention. It’s hard to make a rom-com drama with a fresh and interesting plot. That’s why this series is so fabulous
It’s Hugs, Hugs and more Hugs …and smiles wide as the Han River. Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Eng Sub – Everything seems to be peachy keen as if their past problems just evaporated into thin air. For now, happiness seems within their grasp…roll in the hay, gaze into each other’s eyes, whispering sweet nothings and throw caution to the wind. If only Time could stand still while the smooth and melodious voice of Roy Kim singing the ost completes the picture of PDK and OHY in love
I love that they show how love really is, it’s just like you described and you cant get enough of each other, the detail in how tight they hug each other is everything. Everyone who’s been in that stage of love knows that feeling of just wanting to be as close as possible to the other person
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