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s it only me who is watching them smiling ears to ears! hahah i so love hugs! we are done with a sad episode (soon again i bet but much better no hahaha) and how fast jinsang catch up with noona hahah tsk i so love their sibling bond (how they give strenght with each other 😀 ) and the kidnap date? i sooo expected eomma will really freak out but gave up with all the craziness haha it was nice see them smiling. Please Another Miss Oh Episode 16 Eng Sub
i actually liked how we’ve seen her part of the story we always have to see her through Just OHY eye but now we could see that nothing as it appears she seems happy and have everything but it’s not, she doesn’t have a loving parents as Just OHY, she was jealous of Just OHY
it never rains but it pours & DK will be snowed under that he couldn’t breathe and..and he’s gonna die (just have to prepare myself for the worst case scenario so that i won’t get bulldozed over…& my heart stop duguen duguen aish
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