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well shit is he listening to her while she is shitting? holyshit this is some new level stalking its not the admiring from afar kinda thing anymore…but i love that he is listening to the words and it seems he is ignoring that , and he might get a flash back in the end when they have a happy ending and laugh about the fact that she was pooping. Please Another Miss Oh Episode 7 Eng Sub
I agree.he said he wouldn’t listen but he did.even if you like some one thtas crazy.Not endearing. he is all the way messed up. She has zero privacy and on top of eveything he is going to try and get with her?
I was thinking the same… I kinda feel it will be a melodrama.. As for now her ex is perfect. And from this epi it seems his mother is the reason for his ex to disappear on wedding day. The heroine is gonna have a toga time when she find out what he did to her ex. Another Miss Oh Episode 8 Raw and Eng Sub
Guess we hate the good digging mama? Although I don’t hate her just think she’s pathetic. She didn’t seem to Love her Ex. She is not even concerned about him. It was more like she was marring him because of his status. Like Im worth it now because I have an A list guy

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