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While it doesn’t make up for the lack of preview – you all have to admit Minah’s snorts were freaking hilarious
actually with the first mention of the lost child Joon Pyo itself i was thinking of BOF nd so when episodes later i saw ur post i was like there’s someone out there who did think of the other Jun Pyo like me! so i’m equally glad too
This may very well be the best rom-com for 2016. The two leads have a lot of chemistry and a great comedic dynamic. The secondary characters have actual depth, Gong Shim’s elder sister isn’t just some mean-spirited pretty face, she also has quite a dilemma before her and Joon Soo is so adorably haunted by the past. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.
Acting (so far): 10/10
Story (so far): 8/10

I tried making a Lee Min Ho shower scene gif, but it was too hot and steamy for my computer so it just kept crashing. However, especially for you. They are not the best, but he is still shirtless here. PS. Sorry for those who think I posted too much of Lee Min Ho. Please, skip this and carry on.

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