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Full Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 16 Eng Sub

We interrupt this kdrama to bring you, Mmmmm SUBWAY! The producers of “Beautiful Gong Shim” would like to take this moment to remind you to “Eat Fresh”. (Those wigs and shashimi aren’t going to pay for themselves.)
It could be worse. It could be the color
I have to disagree with this being the best of 2016. That title would go to “Another Oh Hae Young.” This one started out very good in its first 2 episodes (so it would be hard to say at this point that it is the best). If it can keep its pace with regard to the acting and story, it could definitely be the 2nd best drama of 2016. Looking forward to ep. 3 w/subs. They’ve revealed so much already. Can’t wait to see where they’re heading.
I wouldn’t make a definite claim on either until I see both shows in their entirety…as it is I fell I love with Beautiful Gong Shim much more quickly than with Another Oh Hae Young…so both right now for me are equal contenders for top spot
What amused me is that as soon as Gong Shim ordered the sandwiches they were ready within a blink of an eye. I wish it was like that in realitycoded Rio bottles that litter every counter in a Chinese drama. I’ve never had one and I hate them already!
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