Cheese in the Trap Ep 15 English Sub

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I hope Jung stands up to his father regarding Seol since she is the best thing that ever happened to him. His father judges him, spies on him, and doesn’t trust him. No wonder Jung has a “get-them-before-they-get-you” kind of attitude. He never received love or understanding from anyone except Seol. I do feel bad for In-ha, to a certain extent since some/a lot of her problems are of her own making, but people need to stop listening to her! And I’m a little worried about what Jung will do if/when he confronts In-ha. Hopefully Seol’s influence is enough to keep him from going berserk. Cheese in the Trap Ep 15 English Sub
HAHAHAHAHA! I’m a huge fan of Yoo Jung, but we all know he crazy! In-Ha better run away with In-Ho because Yoo Jung is liable to destroy her entire life! lol
okay. yoo jung appeared only in the 2nd half of this epi. welcome to “The Baek In Ho Show” ladies and gentlemen!

Watch Cheese in the Trap Ep 15 English Sub

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