Cheese in the Trap Ep 5 English Sub

The following Cheese in the Trap Ep 5 English Sub. Watch Cheese in the Trap Ep 5 English Subtitles
Wow, I really like this drama. Because of this drama I started reading manhwa.. my first stop, Cheese in the Trap..hahaha.. watching this drama after reading the manhwa. and I think it is better that way, the more I can appreciate the story. thank you, I got myself a new hobby these days.
I love when a Cheese in the Trap drama just comes out of nowhere and you’re all, “Well, I quess this is what I’m watching for the next few months!
I can totally relate to Hong Seol when it comes to group reports. The scene where the group members’ texting her about the group meeting and the group report is something I experience everytime I get into group reports. Yaaaah

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