Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku Episode 5

Full Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku episode 5 Raw and sub
I always love this kind of drama, and how Amami Yuki portrayed lead character so well as the strong willed female who always deals with challenge and love her job as her pride-passion.

Food business is much like our real life. To achieve fame and popularity, people uses lobbying, money, the above worst strategies. But, for someone who loves working as his/her passion, challenge is very important. I love how Hoshino Mitsuko conquered herself to get ‘the best delicious food’ from her customers while other people only saw it as a selfish-over perfectionist action.

What I like the most from this drama, the character’s goal didn’t wave with romance, revenge like mostly Kdrama. It’s about to be yourself.
that youngest edition to the kitchen staff… can they just reveal the reason, for her to get it over with and change to happy vibes…. getting tired of her sourpuss face expressions…. but i do enjoy how Chef Hoshino conveniently brushes off her sarcasm, with fact …. @33:32 ~ “That’s not my job” for eg…
easy to dish out snide remarks but doing it without proper reason just makes u petty and cheap… besides, i wanna save all the hating for that sourgrapes ex-boss of hers :p
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