Descendants of the Sun Episode 18

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Ep 18 is behind the scene and epilogue based on what i read these few days
It’s understandable that this site can’t get correct or current photos of the cast. It’s not like their photos are readily available. *dripping sarcasm* lol cause they’re EVERYWHERE!
Already pulling at the heart…you want so much to root for them :D!

With the music and the epic scenes — my fear too that it’ll be a major tear jerker. Hey, I’m a sucker for cheesy happiness, so my hope too for a happy ending. With all their hardships, they deserve it.
There’s nothing wrong with requesting subs.. But everything wrong with demanding as if you’re entitled to it (i’m not singling out one person here).. It’s a privilege not an entitlement. As an ex-subber I know the hard work that is put behind subbing anything..Then having the mood only to be ruined by some ungrateful brat b***ing why it’s not done faster. As I mentioned if you want subs to be faster at least volunteer to help the subbing team. Otherwise be polite and be thankful that you’re at least getting them..

Watch Descendants of the Sun Episode 18

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