Descendants of the Sun Episode 19

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Someone knows the name of the song which Mo Yeon is humming when Shi Jin “dies”? ^^
I tought the special ep was tell how their next life, did the couple get married, did SHK have her own clinic etc, but unfortunately it’s just synopsis from their past ep.. well, I respect for their hardwork
I was hoping we would get the sequential bits of the stories as many Descendants of the Sun Episode 19 dramas so often relay to us i.e. did the couples get married, what about their careers and lives, etc. This would be great to have.
Because unlike you and me we know where to watch this, some people in Korea only know how to watch on tv. Can you imagine if we didn’t have the net, you and I will probably be oogling at these repeats on tv screen. It’s a different form of fanservice. Descendants of the Sun Episode 19 Eng sub
it would have been nice if they showed the events in the lives of each couple say after 1 year..maybe show us that they indeed got married,have children,have their own clinics stuffs like that

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