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I noticed SeoWoo’s no longer that rotten brat she was. She’s calmed down, got to give her props for that & she’s actually agreed that HJ shouldn’t take all the blame. I’m glad to see she’s slowly coming to terms w/ her issues. That’s the one thing I love abt this drama, the characters are evolving at their own pace
i hope she gets bigger projects… i like her too!
If you’re here and still complaining about story line I suggest you reevaluate yourself because obviously this drama is working its magic on you.

I notice the pace of this Doctors Episode 17 drama is like other long time running American series. It’s about the main leads but there are side stories too with special guests from other popular actors. I don’t understand how you can say that there’s no story to it. The characters have grown beautifully now. Their growth is so evident.
I tend to agree with you.. I actually gave up on this drama already. I supposed they are trying to convey to the viewers about the struggles of the everyday life of doctors who are not any different from us common folks..Between this one and BM, I prefer the latter more
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