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It’s gonna have 4 more episodes?! This boring drama?? Last episode I watched was the episode where the chairman passed away… and I skipped to this episode thinking this is the last episode… sigh
Doesnt anyone realize when kang soo answered a call from his brother that from the army? Haha i remember that he’s in descendent of the sun… Maybe that was a hint.. His way of speak are from that drama too
This is really off topic but I saw an article little while ago about Lee Sung Kyoung feeling really ugly/insecure when she came to running man because she was between Song Ji Hyo and Park Shin Hye but for me, she is gorgeous as well as those two ladies! I really love her acting in here and Cheese in trap! fighting!!
This Doctors Episode 18 Eng Sub drama actually gives justice to its title (except maybe on the technical parts).

If I remember it correctly, prior to the student-teacher issue or the grandma tragedy HJ had already started dreaming of becoming a doctor because she was inspired by JH or maybe by what JH did to save the woman so I never assumed that the plot will revolve around her revenge nor their seemingly unusual love story.
This Doctors Episode 18 Eng Sub drama is actually trying to show how doctors, well more on neurosurgeons, live–their struggles, decisions, success and mistakes in dealing with different types of patients as well as with other groups of people such us the higher ups. The romance and conflicts between specific characters are there to make our hearts flutter of course. That’s what I THINK about this great drama. Keep it up. Looking forward to the last 4 episodes. Fighting!
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