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Full Entertainer Entertainer Episode 1 Engsub and Entertainer Episode 2 English Sub. Watch free online at k-show. Updating Entertainer Ep 1 RAW and Sub.

I am ecstatic to see Ji Sung back on the small screen. I was having Kill Me, Heal Me withdrawals. I missed his characters Shin Se Gi, Yo Na and Perry Park from that drama. I am sure he will shine in this as well.
I agree! He is such a great actor. You can sense the emotions in his eyes through his fingers in Entertainer Episode 1. So Happy ^^

I am not into idol dramas but i will give it a try for Ji Sung, the teaser is funny and interesting
I think the reason why there were a lot of noona – dongsaeng plots in the past was because of the demographics of drama land with lots of rising actors and veteran actresses in the mix and for the same reason we’ll be seeing more ajhussi – agasshi romances in the future. Most of the young rising stars like Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Sae Ron, et. al. are female and we’re already seeing them paired up with much older male leads. Please Entertainer Episode 1 English Subbbbbbbb. I wating for Entertainer Episode 2 English Sub

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