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Page Turner has no lovelines – all about music and teenage struggles – and yet it was a nice little miniseries, not a music video. There are people who can appreciate stories without romance, if they’re compelling enough
NO i would be watching a drama call Entertainer. Its more interesting to watch how the band members all grow from their experiences and also to see the band become a hit as well as making that evil man pay back for all his evil deeds. again, IMO NO need for romance

Shin se gi was my FAVE Personality… Even though he was Volatile.. He would STILL make me feel SAFE!! & SECURE.. Exremely Handsome too..lol PLUS.. I could borrow MAKEUP ideas frrom him haa..I swear, HIS EyeLiner *GuyLiner* was way better than MINE even haa.. lol Why do NONE of them ever have an accidental pic released with THEIR liner SMUDGED
ive been bothered by this Entertainer Episode 15 English Sub females wardrobe ever since ep 1. it might just me not understanding fashion.
I really love this drama,but I dont want to see GR and SH romantically together,I think it will take away from the drama and its not needed.. I feel the same way with HN and GR..NOT needed…this drama is about MUSIC and problems with the members and how they grow and get thru all the obstacles. IMO, its enough to sustain the drama on its own without any romance involved. NOT all dramas MUST have romance to make it a great drama.

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