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I totally get you. It’s not the age gap of the actors irl or the seemingly incestuous feelings that make either pair awkward. It’s just that the lovelines look forced and disjoint from the growth of the band. They can flesh out so much more about the band members if they choose to
Relieved FINALLY that Jeung “Gr-een” finally has some inkling that Ha Neul likes her. It was getting kinda annoying. She should just stick to being Shin Suk Ho’s umbrella. Suk Ho’s emotional outburst at the end was WOAH (good job Ji Sung)! Hope Suk Ho doesn’t commit any crime ‘cos of Lee Joon Suk though. He ain’t worth it. All 3 of them MUST have a happy ending! lol. please Entertainer Episode 16 English Sub sub….

This show’s made me tear a couple of times. Good follow-up to DOTS. Kudos to the cast! Can’t wait for next week.
sorry for bringing up this topic again…
I really have no problem with the main leads have a big age gap, but but it feels really awkward to see Ji Sung and Hyeri acting like a couple. He looks like his age and she looks like a 18 girl (i know hyeri is older)… Maybe there had to be other woman lead or another man lead or both lead should not have fallen in love…
there are other couple who have a big age gap, like minah and nam gong min (Drama Beautiful Gong Shim). Those two make a good couple
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