Entourage Episode 4 Engsub

Watch Entourage Episode 4 Engsub

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  • I hope somebody from tvN reads my wish list. Since tvN already bought the right for The Good Wife and Entourage,can the next one be Friends? Omg it will be exciting whose gonna cast in it.Next will be Sex and the City,then Will and Grace just to name a few.
  • She wasn’t really interesting to them from the start and since she hangs out with a lot of guys, celebrities and non-celebrities, they can’t really put up an article whenever she is seen with one. Plus it seems like she loves to troll them, once she posted a paps pic of her and suju-m Henry holding hands in the airport on her insta or twitter and made fun of it which made any scandal news absolute and uninteresting. Plus she ships herself with everyone: Key, Henry, Eric Nam, Kevin, Luna…And fans will probably be happy if she ends up dating any of them
  • I like this show so far even though I’m here for Amber. Great they played her song “Need to feel needed” at 28:45. Subs are so fast I’m truly impressed. Thank you subbers!!!!
  • Lots of viewers would probably drop this because it’s not their cup of tea but me? Whatever, I’m here for Seo Kang Joon and Lee Kwang Soo. To hell with my ideal drama ’cause yea, it ain’t my cup of tea either. Here for my oppas. Lol.

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