Entourage Episode 6

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  • okay if fruits need some awesome love story, then i wanna be the third party! lmao! hahaha!
  • “fav giraffe” i’m dying xD He was so good in ‘it’s okay, that’s love’. I can’t wait to see more of him and let’s not forget the lead in this series, oh my god. He was my crush in ‘Cunning Single Lady’. I can’t ever get over his beautiful face. I’m so happy he’s on his own drama finally lol! please Entourage Episode 6
  • Seo Kang Joon, my love
    Lee Kwang Soo, the giraffe, my spirit animal XD
  • I’ve never watched Entourage but I see people already saying it’s a flop?? Like how can you jugde a whole drama based on one single episode?!
    I’ll be watching this once it’s over because Kang Joon is ♥

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