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Na Do Jeon is a shy boy, but light activity as a part-time clown Pierrot he really loves to make people laugh since. Ban Hana is a dream girl of the trucks starting their own food. They love to be natural and pure. Having fallen into the lap Haha Do Jeon. Two Accidentally on each other shaky start a relationship. This is a story about the war only ask for their hands to prevent the closure of ‘One Plus’ hobby club where có Fell in Love

I’m not personally a fan of EXO but I really like Xiumin though. I have watched a lot of fan videos of him through Youtube and he is such a cutie. I am glad he has a drama and I love it!
Hehe.. no.. m not much of a music person. But i do know some of the faces from korean dramas and bands..specially if they are cute like him…hehe… among the artists, i like CNBlue, though.. biyanneyo, m not an exo-l. :)

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