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yaaaaaaaaah YeonTae if you are being conscious about SangMin you should voice it out! poor thing is thinking you are not moved even slightly by what he does.. they are still so cute i can’t get enough of them :) :)
yaaayyy i hope TaeMin meeting JinJoo’s parents will wreck the so called date of SangMin and JinJoo.. i don’t want YeonTae getting hurt by JinJoo twice :( these 4 characters are someone who really can get along well with each other i don’t want their relationships to sour :Five Children Episode 29 Eng Sub
I agree with you Sang Min’s plan with Jin joo is going to go down so poorly – if only for the fact that the girl he’s using to make her jealous is Jin Joo. Yeon Tae already has such a complex about being compared to her especially after she already ‘stole’ taemin from her. That’s not even factoring in what his brother will say when he finds out – hes going to be so hurt( Five Children Episode 29 Eng Sub). And all because all four aren’t being completely honest to each other.
The old people are causing problems for their kids and grandchildren. Ahn dellie’s grandmother is the exception. She is supportive of her granddaughter and g-grandkids! She was more diplomatic than I would have been with the evil MIL. So glad she stood up for her g-granddaughter! The meat restaurant mother has big dreams about the daughter-in-laws she wants for her sons. She should be happy both found women that make her son’s happy.

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