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She will come around. Her husband is a gem of a husband. He understands his boys. Immediately after they came from the hospital, he checked out the spare room. He was evaluating what repairs were necessary so that Ho Tae and his girlfriend could move in. When the child is born whatever objections she may have will be put under the rug because babies have a way of endearing themselves to grandparents. Even I want my own boys to marry well. But who they love and want to live with is out of my hands. Sigh!

i seriously have my highest regards for Mi Jung’s grandmother and Sang Tae’s dad. He is the pillar of strength and someone even i would look up to as a father figure (Five Children Episode 30 Eng Sub). His mere presence and wise words makes everything alright and really like the fact that Sang Tae is who he is because of his dad and takes after him.

Oh, those matching aprons and head scarves Sang Min prepared for cleaning with Yeong Tae! So cute!
Sang Tae’s MIL needs professional counselling; that woman is a menace. No wonder Jin Joo was so unpleasant initially. Now with Tae Min’s influence, she is growing into a really admirable person, little by little.
Along with everyone else, I applaud Mi Jung’s grandma’s reaction to Binnie’s grandma. No wonder Mi Jung is such an honest, moral and forthright person, growing up under her love and care. Now Sang Tae’s mom has her under scrutiny and is about to lower the boom, I’m afraid. Oh these Korean mamas!! please Five Children Episode 30 Eng Sub

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