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it’s kinda weird, as I recall the main reason Eun Soo went into that house was because she wanted to know about her husband’s death, but when she confessed everything to Prime Minister she didn’t even mention about her husband…Glamorous Temptation Ep 41 English sub

Wow! The kids got into the fray for Hyeong Woo and Eun Soo. This was an unforeseen and great twist in the story. So the intended mouse was not caught in the trap. Now, they have got us on tenterhooks wondering how Eun Soo will wriggle out of this one. Or is she actually the mouse caught in the trap? Certainly, the Prime Minister Kang now fully suspects her as in cahoots with Hyeong Woo. The light in the dark tunnel for this pair is the possibility that two can play the game. Hyeong Woo can use the Blue House connection in the same way Prime Minister Kang bribed his way out of prison. He can still launder or move 200,000,000 Won to do the job. It may also eliminate Mr. Kwong out of the equation if the Blue House is involved. Note that Mr. Kwong and his son the Prosecutor could not hold down Mr. Kang in prison because the Blue House intervened. Clever story telling. I am still fully engaged to see the last thirteen episodes of this. Notice how there was no meaningful preview this week. i like Glamorous Temptation Ep 41 English sub

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