Glamorous Temptation Ep 43 44 Eng sub

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To paraphrase a local saying:” It is impossible to keep your hands clean when you handle a pot that has cooked in charcoal.” All that hatred and misdeeds swirling around cannot possibly result in Eun Soo and Hyeong Woo happy together in the end. Somehow the dirt will stay in their hands and they will suffer for it. So far they have successfully played Il Joo, Mr Kang and Il Joo’s ex-husband. Any misstep can easily boomerang towards them with dire results. To me, the real threat comes from the former in-laws of Il Joo. The old man and his prosecutor son are lethal and powerful. The end game should prove to be very exciting.
My oh my ……Glamorous Temptation Ep 43 44 Eng sub
II Joo falling for Hyeong Woo’s lies ……II Joo’s husband getting his own revenge.
II Joo’s husband truly loved her (was obsessed actually) and II Joo loves Hyeong Woo.
Loving too much is their downfall ….. What a mess!

II Joo’s husband is not mentally stable. The maid was used …but she clearly sees that he is not right in his head …. and is afraid of him. If she has any common sense, she would find another rich man to target. He is a loose cannon…

He looked so happy when he was watching the news…….

There’s a thin line between love and hate
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