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Thanks a lot for taking the time every week to do this for all of us. It was an exciting episode and it did not help it was uploaded late. Lol Next week seems that it will be also exciting by the way the preview is looking it looks like Dr Seo is resigning at the hospital! Will Hyun Gi try to get Hae Ryung back by letting her know about Dr Seo’s secret. Watch full Happy Home Ep 21 English Sub
I don’t think Hyun ki will be the one to tell Hae Ryung though. He might confront Seo Ji Gun about it, but I think he’s done hurting Hae Ryung. If anyone, it would probably be his mother, who can’t stand the mere thought of Hae Ryung breathing freely. Also, I agree with the secretary. Pleases Watch full Happy Home Ep 21 English Sub, Watch full Happy Home Ep 22 English, Watch full Happy Home Ep 23 English Sub, Watch full Happy Home Ep 24 English Sub Hyun-the-ass might look depressed and lethargic but it more like he’s trying to keep from hulking out. You know, the ‘my secret is I’m always angry’ style. If his mother does something else and he comes to know, he might just explode. That’s my reading anyway.
Well, I like that the secretary can tell him those things.

I am glad that Haewon can stand up to the chairman’s wife and it seems her son is starting to fall for Haewon. In the previews it seems Haryung finds a baby book in Haewon’s room!
I am so proud of Mi Soon and those smart little girls she raised. But, she should not have to sneak around to see her children and have them hide a cell phone! She had to leave the servant life style to find out she is a gorgeous woman when cleaned up. I bet her assistant helped pick the leather skirt outfit. I am starting to dislike the grandfather with each episode. Man Ho and his ho are useless as ever! They got the life they wanted are still haters.

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