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  • When will the episode with Eric Nam, John Park, Lee Hyun Woo and others be aired? Is it the next episode?
  • I don’t hate the dividing into rooms concept but I found myself skipping the most part of Saeho and Poong (those their guests in this part normally the funniest, easy to manage). PMS and the guy (in Abnormal Summit that I always forget his name)does way better in the room (maybe because he isn’t over-powered by MC Yoo). but to be honest I miss Misun noona a lot. :-<
  • Omg lool the stories about park hyunbin’s wife,, i feel quite sad tho aftr hearing it but it’s funny as well. He’s reallly old fashioned in mind. I like Happy Together episode 229
  • Oh my. I can’t imagine myself dating Park Hyunbin. I’d hate myself! I don’t like boring guys who want to be treated like he is in Joseon era…I hate it the most when guys try to tell me what to do or how to act. his wife isn’t lady-in-waiting, who wait until his husband tell him to go home…I’m not judge, i guess they are made in heaven after all if she is naturally like that, who like to obey her husband and well-behave at all times etc.
    love afterschool uee and lizzy both look so pretty and cute lizzy so dorky and so funny and taecyeon to funny poor guy and thank you so much for eng sub you work so hard and you awesome good job

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