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Hwajung the film revolves around the battle kingship, contested the throne. Gwang Hae (Cha Seung Won) and Princess Jung Myung (Lee Yeon Hee) is half brother. After his father died, the throne Gwang Hae Jung Myung reigned with her mother to live in seclusion with civilian life. Movies starring Kang Seo Joon Hong Joo Won as a young man assisting the emperor out of ink, but fell in love with Jung Myung. However, the features of the main Hwajung unused romantic elements to attract audiences. But said the focus of the struggle in the royal.

Jeongmyeong princess, sister of the (end of life) is the legitimate heir of Seonjo, Grand Prince Yeongchang. After emperor ice. The political factions are divided among the heirs, and after failing in an attempt to usurp Gwanghae with his brother, they tried again with Yeongchang, who finished well and then killed . As a result, the legitimate queen and daughter, Princess Jeongmyeong, ousted from the palace to live as civilians and leaving the

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