I Have A Lover Ep 28 Eng Sub

Enjoy watching I Have a Lover Ep 28 Eng Sub. I Have a Lover drama broadcast by SBS network.
A woman, who lost her memory in a car accident, she met her husband hated. She fell in love with him. Separated twin sisters met for the first time in 30 years.
comment to I Have A Lover ep 28 Eng Sub:
Seol Ri Kang has turned into a demon. Do Hae Gang I know that’s not a saint, but let’s face the truth – she was the lawyer of the company and that is what type of lawyer do, in real life also, protection of company at all costs. Well, after the death of her Eun Sol colder, but that is what can happen after a tragedy. Seol Ri obsessed with Choi Jin Eun, obsessed too much. They live in the US, what makes you think that they will live together in South Korea? I watching I Have A Lover form episode 1 to episode 28, I feel truly fascinating story.

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