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What made SR think she could compete with HG on any level ? She has no idea what she has started by having that man awaken her memories. I don’t know what was said during their meeting I only know I enjoyed seeing the tears flow because I know HG must have hit a nerve. A great I Have A Lover episode 31.

After watching I Have A Lover episode 31 English Subtitle, it’s dawning to me that there is HOPE that Haegang will be back to EJ eventually though now she is seething wt anger & hurt. She needs to go back to the Father-in-law’s company to work out the corporate battle wt that greedy bro-in-law & to protect her twin sister. At the end of episode 30, she confessed to BS that she remembers she is ‘Yongi’ & wants to work wt BS to straighten out the legal issues concerning her twin sister & the pharmaceutical co. Let’s hope EJ has the strength & tenacity to work on the issues between their relationship, receive her forgiveness & be together as a loving couple at the Finale! Fighting! How many more episodes? I Like I Have A Lover ep 31 Eng Sub

Watch episode 31 >> Full I Have A Lover

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