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No way, he won’t be made king. The oldest son will be King, Baek will probably fall into the hands of In-Jwa, twisting the boy’s story to suit his evil end. I believe this character lived into the reign of future King Yeoning. And then some where in his day, he gets put to death finally!
Dae Gil is the son of the king. The king has known this from the very beginning. Even Man Geum knew Dae Gil was not his son, but the king’s. It has been convenient Jackpot Episode 17 Eng Sub for the king to keep that son hidden from his enemies, except that his biggest enemy also knows. What I don’t like is the fact that the king also is playing games and it looks at times that he can play both brothers Yeonin and Dae Gil against each other. I think that he knows In Jwa is going to try to turn Dae Gil gainst the king and therefore against Yeonin and that is why the king told Yeonin “would you give your life or the throne for Dae Gil”, because the king knows Yeonin is going to have to come to a crossroads when he might have to choose either.
the king might look so scracy and intimidating… but he is a fair king and he loves his kids.. he is not someone that takes advantage of his power. Please Jackpot Episode 18 Eng Sub
It is getting a little confusing here with the guy with the “crooked neck” supposedly being the leader of the rebellion that attempted to dethrone the king in which Cutter’s father and sister were killed. Yeonin was right in front of him and did not even know it. How does In Jwa know everything? He even knows how the king thinks

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