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Watch Jackpot Episode 24 Eng Sub (Full Jackpot Episode 24 Raw – 14/6)
first of all i hated the king but now i feel so sad that he died. i know he was stupid, believed in yi in jwa and wasnt good king but seriously no one wanted him to be the king, he was ill, he didnt have any friends like yeoning and after this he died with yeonings hand. and i am really angry about PD ,,, like wtf?? everything is starting once again. i was really happy to see this drama had 24 series but now i dont think that was necessary.. everyone died but this bastard yi in jwa is still alive -_- seriously ?? just kill him already. at first when he was in public area getting punishned (21ep) i thought that it was too much i was sad that he was going to die, but now i really want someone to just stop him ,,, kill him or punish him.. i dont know.. i hope he will die at the end or i will go crazy. Please Jackpot Episode 24 Eng Sub
Oy, Yeoning-gun, what happened to you? The upright, level-headed,compassionate Prince that made me root for you and Dae-gil?
PS–He didn’t kill his brother, right? I just can’t grasp that sweet Yeoning would do that
PPS–And how badly trained are the palace guards??? It seems that everytime there is rebellion, they go down easily. And also, was there no Military is that era? I’m not too familiar with Joseon era history. Thanks! Jackpot Episode 24…
It’s so funny! Many people died throughout the story yet yi in jwa and his colonies were all alive despite being shoot with arrow, jump from the cliff. And suddenly, yi in jwa wears nice clothes and met with his colonies and want to attack the government again? HAHAHAHA. cmon scriptwriter it doesn’t make sense at all. and then with rumours spreading like that and people believe?Until when do you want yi in jwa to win and win, for godsake its already 22 episodes! 2 more left yet you guys still want to make yi in jwa stories. when is the happiness ever gonna happen, you guys wanted to give this story happiness in episode 24? 23 episodes of yi injwa winning and only 1 episode of happily ever after. pfftt, clicheee!

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