Jang Yeong Sil Ep 7 Eng Sub

Watch Jang Yeong Sil Ep 7 Eng Sub
Hmm… my only guess why the King is pretending he doesn’t know the truth (and doesn’t want to hear the truth from his son) is because he’s using the stone to weed out the Anti-Joseon faction by leading them into a trap he is setting up.
I feel like I’m watching a documentary and a drama at the same time. I was wondering how this Jang Yeong Sil Ep 7 Eng Sub drama was going to be executed as and so far ive been amazed
omg! i really love this drama! after the great queen saendok, this drama still my heart tho!
Where the sub for episode 6 dont understand korean language the drama very interesting to watch cant wait for the next episode
why don’t they sub the last part i mean if it could educate you why not let other people know about that knowledge ugh

Full Jang Yeong Sil Ep 7 English Sub

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