Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 36 Eng Sub

Watch Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 36 raw(drama). Full Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 35 Eng Sub

Given that this is Kamen Rider.. The logic of him returning is somewhat acceptable.. That is why he has that memory thing powers.. Remember Kamen Rider Den-o? When the imajins were supposed to be gone? But since they formed memories with people they didn’t totally disappear.. Same with that other Super Sentai show I forgot if it was Resha Sentai or something else..
Apperently, in the summer movie, he might get a new power. I bet its one of the 100 eyekons
the next eKamen Rider Ghost Episode 36 Eng Sub makes me think about Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Anyone else think that the costume department could only afford the Fire Ganmaizer suit, because this is the THIRD time we’ve seen it?
What im saying is since Takeru destroyed Gravity and Fire Ganmaizer (since they were combined), we’ll never see what gravity ganmaizer looks like. This may also guarantee that we may not see all 15 Ganmaizers. (A method on saving cost and making too many suits)
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