Kpop Star Season 5 ep 17 Eng sub

Full Kpop Star Season 5 ep 17
I love Jay and “Two Yoo” but I feel the contestant after them, Lee Si Eun & Ju Mi Yeon have a “gayo” feeling, whoaa they all are really2 good, nice! and thankkyouu for subb <3 Freakin JUNG JI WOO!!!!!! YOU ARE KILLING MY HEART. PLEASE STOP KILLING ME WITH YOUR HEAVENLY VOICE. I WANT TO LIVEEE. I want that song. I NEED THAT SONG. He reminds me alot of Taeil of BLOCK B. Alot actually. His voice does too. But omg im already in love with you jung ji as much as i love a kpop star<3 Watch Kpop Star Season 5 ep 17 Eng sub

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