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I guess now it’s a race against time. After locking up yourself for 13 years, not doubt your feeling will crumble and begin to fall,once that you’ve meet the people the caused you to close your self up. With little time left out, Alice wants to experience everything she has missed out on. But Alice is caution’s she’s aware that she doesn’t want to accept Hao Yi’s apology. Whilst drunk she told Hao Yi that she’s feels pain in heart, every time she see’s Hao Yi. If I was Hao Yi I’ll admit, I would of ran, far away and stayed out of Alice’s sight. If I’ve caused someone such great pain, I know I wouldn’t even be able make eye contact anymore. Although it’s seen, Alice has began weighing her options out in life. Love at Seventeen Episode 7
Sounds like Hao Yi is using Alice. From that phone call, sounds like his job is to persuade to work on his (Hao Yi’s) side on a important experiment. Love at Seventeen Episode 8 Eng Sub
I want to see more scenes of Peter and Alice together. Peter needs to snatch Alice away so Hao Yi and Shu Lei bloods would both boil with jealousy. Both characters act as though they were affected the most from their argument during their youth. Also that was cheap of Hao Yi, telling Alice’s secret to getting her drunk. Peter needs to wear more shirts, he should forget about wearing button shirts! ASAP!!!
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