Love at Seventeen

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I didn’t mind the juvenile bullying. Hugo is uber cute as the little brother (by 6 minutes). Conversely, I don’t like the “true love” moments. You know which scenes I’m talking about – the screen slows and he looks at her/ they look at each other as if they’ve been enlightened and recognise their soulmate. Oh please. :groan:

Amanda Chou was great as the cousin in Bromance. I’m happy to see she’s getting more screen time but not looking forward to her predictable second lead storyline. Please show me some originality.

I’m not impressed with the once a week drug fix either. My only comfort is … next fix comes in 2 days.
I like the first episode. Granted they surprised me with the whole mistaken identity so early But…ill just wait to see if there will be any twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. I really like the cast though. first ep

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