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Ji Ho’s so innocent & honest… was funny how Hye Rim just tells him to spew out the time-line details since he’s smart & good with numbers, and he immediately starts rattling off dates & stuff… then later on, he’d even dared to honestly refuse Yoo Rim while in head-lock… pity but at the same time, finds him soo cute…bumbling along, trying to do his best
The true question is what happened to the balloons afterwards
Omg this is so hard to watch, it gets on my braincells when It’s obvious that Mr. Choi is still using her. Let’s see how she will turn the table on the next Madame Antoine Ep 11 English sub
JiHo: Doctor left this morning *leans closer* he was humming…
SeungChan: F…

Hehehe SooHyun you slimy bastard. Yet we still love you

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