Madame Antoine Ep 13 Eng Sub

This Madame Antoine Ep 13 Eng Sub drama is getting repetitive with the main romance. She finds out about something new about the experiments gets revenge for the first 40 minutes than he says something that convince her than she falls for the trap than she finds something new about the experiment and than starts a new plan for revenge. I like the cases even do most of the time is move on the back burner to show the romance. And I have to repeat myself that I love the relationship of the sister and the assistant they are so funny together they entertain me more in the 5 minutes of play time they get on the show than the 40 minutes of the main romance.
so i guess that’s his mom who’s finally coming along to see how her son’s doing.. SH & SC.. different mothers, right? and i like Madame Antoine Ep 13 Eng Sub how the Writer insert another side story of his ex-classmate stealing his identity… good distraction from all the love stories within… :)
She was so beautiful. I like girls. She is an angel.

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