Madame Antoine Ep 15 16 English Subtitles

Full Madame Antoine Ep 15 16 English Subtitles. Watch Madame Antoine Episode 15 16 English Subtitles.

Chairman issues, Dr Bae/Seung Chan & Ji Ho/Yoo Rim issues are solved or in the clear now so last 2 eps would have more focus on the 2 leads.. time flies, can’t believe this is going to end by this weekend :( … but the series taking over looks like a rom-com, hope it gets Madame Antoine Ep 15 16 English Subtitles subbed
hhmmm….think she did it before but her client didn’t understand french then… i’d kinda worry when she does that…in case her client understands, just like this one.. first time she asked the actual questions, instead of the usual touristy/travel phrases

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