Make It Right: The Series

I have been reading Super Lovers manga and was really happy to see its anime. I understand when you say that Haru raised Ren and that can be controversial…I don’t mind that either but that’s the fujoshi in me too hahaha. You’ll be surprised to see the comment section of Super Lovers (at least on Kissanime) – there are some negative comments (“Haru is a pedophile.” “This is incest.” ones) but most of them are positive and the series has a lot of views too so i think it is doing quite good! It has only 10 episodes which is kind of sad but they’ve done a god job with the anime. Maybe you should give it a try?
Heroin was really good i was able to finish it.i hate that the explicit scenes were cut short because of the ban but i dont think its banned online though. I love chinese and thai dramas so far they have been able to put stuff out there more so than other countries. china is right in line with thai at the moment they make some good movies and series

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