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I really enjoyed the the unexpected date, it was cute and sad at the same time, fml. He found out and told her finally! So the real question now is why the f*ck isnt there a preview for next weeks episode?
I’m going to need meds by next week. I love Marriage Contract Ep 13! That LSJ is the best!The head chef is also a good actor, I think.
He’s like an anchor. Oh well, on to my mower. See you next week!!!!
Imagine Ji Hoon as an illegitimate child that was given up by his mother to be raised in the house of his father by the legal wife who has an older son. He must have mastered the art of careful obeisance and guarded words. He could never be on equal footing with his older brother because his step mother made sure that the eldest would be the heir apparent…he was a second rate son at home. His father was all business and used people to further his concerns. Thus, Ji Hoon grew up…without the affection of a loving caring mother…without anyone speaking up for him. This explains why he is a cold and stoic person. The chance encounter with the warm and playful Cha Eun Sang and the passionate Kang Hye Soo got to the core of his empty heart. He finally gets a chance to have someone who could truly want him and be with him. And she had to be sick. and i like Marriage Contract Episode 13 and episode 14
It’s such a cheap plot twist and all kinds of unnecessary. She’s already got a terminal illness why does she need loan sharks knocking down her door again?
At least he found out about her illness early. I was worried they might drag it out.

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