Marriage Contract Ep 15 16 English Sub

Watch Marriage Contract Ep 15 16 English Sub. The following Marriage Contract Episode 15 and Marriage Contract Episode 16 Raw and Sub.


– Cancer is a very painful disease, much less having it in the brain. Finally, she accepts help when the pain is unbearable and when dying alone is so real and pathetic. And she finds her knight in shining armor, willing to do battle with her against a disease that threatens to consume her..first, to find someone to lean on and then, to buy time for happiness. Love, when it happens,does not need forever. To experience true love is enough…however short.

– I am really enjoying this Marriage Contract Ep 15 drama. This drama really pulls at your heartstrings while sending you on a emotional roller coaster.
Wow. Lee seo jin gets better each episode and uee is beautiful. The first few episodes were hard to get involved with but now, I can’t wait for the next episodes!
Lesson 100 on why everyone, Man or Woman, NEEDS to make their own money!! Look at Ji Hoon. Pushed this way and that because of his father’s money, disrespected by his “brother” and his birth mother treated like trash all for a few coins.

– As for Hye Soo, up until the last moment I was so frustrated with her. Every one is asking you to lean on them a little in your time of need. Must you be a martyr all the damn time. All these tv characters with Masochistic tendencies. i like Marriage Contract Episode 15 and next Marriage Contract Episode 6

– They must enjoy the pain.

Such an emotional episode 15 and episode 16, these writers want to wring every last drop of salt water out of us!!

Watch episode 15
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