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I was lost a bit for few episodes but now i am back on the track agai
Finally the 4 friends meets again, all of them have the same target which is revenge to reconcile with the past
I don’t trust anyone now except the 4 friends, all around them seems to have a secret agendas, who knows what?
I hope all the friends would make it to the end, i have a feeling that one of them will die. Please Master: God of Noodles Episode 13 Eng sub
I don’t know if you’ver noticed that or not; but gil yong shares the same last name as dae chun and his daughter, wich is Do. I somehow think that he may be related to them, he is the only one that we still don’t know his story among the 4 friends, why he ended up in an orphanage and why his grandmother abandoned him! After all they are all related to the same guy!
The deputy head of noodle dept is an interesting character. He’s got conscience behind that snobbish features
soon Kim Gil Doo will be revealed all his wickedness and yes the 4 friends from the orphanage have the common goal that’s revenge against him! it’s quite interesting in each episode, simply addicted and worth-watching in every episode how will they conquered that bitch monster? thanks DC. Master: God of Noodles Ep 13 Eng sub

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