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Come on Da Hae. I thought your nose was good? Couldn’t you smell the bullshit spewing from your old man
That Monster GD is winning again, he managed to get to DH good side to take her shares, I have a weird thinking that there might be more of her mother death story i have my suspicions, but also i find it ridiculous that Grandpa gave 20%of the shares to DH i know it’s his s guilt but still she’s GD daughter, i think he knows that, and why GD has 30% of the shares!
Now MM seems to be in trouble how can he explains the DNA test to DH?
Congressman is showing his cards early he should learn from MM,

But what MM siad at the end is so perfect “if i have to give him my heart i will”, that’s the perfect plan for revenge, his burn and stab that caused by the Monster still burning
Yeah, they showed that he pushed her, but I doubt that she died because Grandpa pushed her, there was alot of blood on the floor, it’s not like she fell on something sharp, or maybe it is. watching a lot of Kdarama makes me think that not everything as it’s appaer. Master: God of Noodles Ep 15 Eng sub
man, this drama is giving me a heartache. I just can’t wait to watch the last episode. I just want the 4 friends to be happy. Don’t know why, but I just can’t bring myself to like Da Hae
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