Master: God of Noodles Ep 16 Eng sub

Watch Master: God of Noodles Ep 16 Eng sub

Congressman So showed his hand? but why!! Dae He is switching sides? i expect these last few eps will be something else!
hhhmmm… Congressman So wants to push Gil Do to take on his proposal and due to the tight deadline, fail miserably and bear the consequences…so can’t legally get him for the murder, get him legally with something else… possible?
Da Hae can now get revenge by destroying the establishment… but… why give up attorney rights to Gil Do?? cuz of family ties? thought she still can’t forgive him for abandoning her? she found that testing sheet at Myeong Yi’s place, right? so…turned sides cuz he wasn’t upfront with her??
Secrets are slowly coming out, as if from Pandora’s Box. The biggest revelation would be who the real Ha Jung Tae is, and how MM is related to him. I hope YK will find justice for her parents’ death. Waiting.
and i still want Tae Ha to pair up with Da Hae… cuz Tae Ha looking sooo lonelyyyyy
This is a Master: God of Noodles Ep 16 Eng sub drama, right? I am wondering how they’ll wrap up everything? When will we get to the revenge part…it had been going ahead with full steam…and then just seemed to fizzle out.
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