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Actually isn’t having mindset like the ex-wife would burden who already died too? Why she can let him go and still holding on the past… I mean its OK to find the killer but she shouldn’t trap her and ex-husband in the complicated situation.
Judging from the first Memory Ep 11 I will probably enjoy this Memory Episode 11 English Sub drama. I think his new partner is sort of the reminder he needs. It’s easy to lose yourself in a profession that not only requires you to defend the innocent but also those who might be guilty. He’s just “doing his job” but after this revelation it’s forced him to take another look at what he’s done. I see this drama possibly taking place in morally grey areas especially in regards to this character and what he will be going through. Hope TVN will be delivering us yet another fantastic Memory Epiode 11 and episode 12 English Sub drama.

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