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I’m literally getting sick and tired of Hong Joo. She makes me wanna punch the black magic out of her. But I’m really glad they dragged it out by 4 more episodes. And I really wanna see how it turns out

I hope the orabeoni will resist to the evilness….And that heo joon will win the king to his cause….as historically he is supposed to become the physician of king Seojo

My only question now, How come everyone is going in and out of the palace and walking around there like it’s their own house!?

ahhh matta!! i did wonder why Heo Joon’s name sounded familiar… he did become the King’s physician historically…. and the King here, his main concern is to get over his illness… so if they borrow that bit from history, then Joon cures the King and he becomes an ally.. woohoo.. such promise

I have to applaud Lee ji hoon (The king), he has such an impact and charisma in his scenes! I love how they r giving everyone equal characters scene not just the leads, which is very amazing compared to other dramas! and the writer doesn’t disappoint me at all! Again well done!
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