Mirror of the Witch Episode 16 Eng sub

Watch Mirror of the Witch Episode 16 Eng sub

MotW is really a great drama. As much as I love it to bits, I dread a 4-ep. extension; 2 will perhaps do or the story might become a draggy mess, in my view. Anyhow, besides Yum Jung-ah, Lee Ji-hoon as the king is so good, I can’t wait to witness his reaction once he becomes fully enlightened that it’s Hong Joo’s malediction which is the primordial source of his malady or to put it bluntly, that he has long been just a puppet in her hands (along with many others, actually). Although Poong Yeon’s reason has been clouded by passion while swayed by Hong Joo at that, I believe he will be able to redeem himself in the end esp. after realising the merits of the power he inherited from his father
I think base on the fact that Yeon Hee just came back means she have little surveilance. Just like when she is walking on the palace grounds she only have 2 court lady behind her. If you watch many historical dramas those princess that just have been retrieved or the long lost ones when found have little surveilance. I don’t know but they must not mind the princess as a threat except for the king (which he thinks is the cause of his illness). Besides, in these kinds of rules usually the prime ministers order it. And the story doesn’t mainly involve in the political status of the country but instead in dark arts. Same as Hong Joo barging in and out of the King’s and Queen Dowager’s quarters
There are so many things I don’t understand about the show…and I have given on even trying to…BUT.
Can someone please enlighten me on the “Mirror” of the witch??? What is it? When will it make an appearance? Which witch??!!
Uff…confusion confusion
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